Request for reviews (S): 6860599: Relax nodes limit check for Output phase

Vladimir Kozlov Vladimir.Kozlov at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 20 10:38:42 PDT 2009

Yes, it is the purpose of this change.
If we passed all previous checks we should not
bail out (or assert) when we are already generating code.
Yes, it is not only for debug mode.
Compile object is constructed for each compilation and
the limit is initialized by default value so
we don't have geometric progression here.


Christian Thalinger wrote:
> Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
>> Christian,
>> The only nodes limit check done in Output is in
>> Node::verify_construction() and it is assert()
>> which only works in debug mode.
>> Did I understand your question correctly?
> I was talking about the added increase_nodes_limit() call in
> Compile::Output().  This one is called on every compile and the limited
> is increased, right?
> -- Christian

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