for review (L): 6858164: invokedynamic cleanups (part B)

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 29 01:50:05 PDT 2009

As I mentioned in the previous review request, JSR 292 code for the  
JavaOne Preview needs two batches of fixes.

Here is the second batch, for invokedynamic (on top of method  
handles).  The diffs of this review request are new, although I  
erroneously mentioned its bug number in a previous review request.

6858164: invokedynamic code needs some cleanup (post-6655638)

467 lines changed: 100 ins; 287 del; 80 mod; 42741 unchg

  - fix several crashers
  - remove needless paths for boxed-style bootstrap method call
  - refactor & simplify APIs for rewriter constantPoolOop
  - remove sun.dyn.CallSiteImpl

Testing:  These changes have been in use by several users of the mlvm  
patch repo., as a base for further development.  They correctly run  
all current invokedynamic test code.

Still to follow:
- compiler support for invokedynamic
- inlining of method handles
- API adjustments that affect the JVM (mainly, removing private  
- ports to x64, SPARC
- compressed oop support

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