upcoming coordinated pushes; pre-integration testing

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 14 18:45:13 PDT 2009

Two "interesting" changes (as in "we live in interesting times") are  
coming soon to our JDK7 workflow in the Hotspot team, and specifically  
in the hotspot-comp repository.  Here is a heads-up.

1. Christian and I are going to push some coordinated changes for JSR  
292 to hotspot-comp, which will then flow up through hotspot into  
JDK7.  The changes are coordinated because they affect both jdk and  
hotspot sub-repositories, and must be pushed together.  They involve  
changes to the JSR 292 API and the JVM, which have to be packaged  
together.  These changes will have to be pushed together by the  
gatekeeper at the hotspot-comp level and at the parent level (the  
integration repo.).

2. These changes will come with new regression tests, in hotspot-comp/ 
jdk/test/java/dyn/.  These regression tests will be packaged as JUnit  
4.5 tests.  In order to run them, I've enhanced jtreg (with Mark and  
Jon G's help) to accept such tests.  (I suspect having a jtreg to  
JUnit bridge will make other people happy too.)

If you use jtreg to run regression tests, the JUnit-based tests in jdk/ 
test/java/dyn will fail unless you upgrade jtreg.  We are working on  
this change, which is tracked under bug 6891715 and may be inspected  
here: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jrose/6891715/webrev.00/ .  If you  
need a provisional binary, you can find one at http://hg.openjdk.java.net/mlvm/mlvm/file/tip/jtreg/ 
  .  Follow the instructions to drop junit.jar into the jtreg  

The first step will consist of a "trial balloon" in which I will push  
a single JUnit test file to jdk, which performs a warm-and-breathing  
test on the API which is currently in the JDK7 builds (the JavaOne  
Preview version).  Stay tuned for a review request.

-- John

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