Request for reviews (S): 6877254: Server vm crashes with "no branches off of store slice" when run with CMS and UseSuperWord (default)

Vladimir Kozlov Vladimir.Kozlov at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 8 18:30:41 PDT 2009

I have concerns about StoreCMNode::Ideal(aidx) implementation.

The result of memory_at() is never the same mergemem node.
I either mergemem->base_memory() or mergemem->in(aidx)
so your check will be always true.

Also mergemem nodes could be chained when the result of memory_at()
is also mergemem.

You can look on methods in memnode.cpp which search through
mergemem for stores: step_through_mergemem(), find_previous_store().


Changpeng Fang wrote:
> Need additional reviews (Tom (never) proposed the implementation, so I 
> assume he is oked )!
> Comments are in the webrev.
> On 09/01/09 11:07, Changpeng Fang wrote:
>> Thanks,
>> Changpeng
> Thanks,
> Changpeng

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