review (M) for 6879063: SA should use hsdis for disassembly

Vladimir Kozlov Vladimir.Kozlov at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 17 18:07:47 PDT 2009

Looks good.

In agent/src/share/classes/sun/jvm/hotspot/asm/
You use libname = "hsdis-sparc" for 64 bit VM also.
Why you don't use ?

In agent/src/os/solaris/proc/Makefile
missing amd64 in .PHONY:

You did not remove sun/jvm/hotspot/asm/sparc directory since
you still need Right?


Tom Rodriguez wrote:
> The SA has Java based disassemblers for x86 and sparc but not for
> amd64.  Instead of porting to amd64 we should switch over to using
> hsdis for it like the JVM does.  This required a new entry point into
> hsdis, decode_instructions_virtual, which separates the address of the
> code being disassembled from the buffer containing the code.  The
> existing uses of decode_instructions have been updated to use the new
> interface and the SA Disassembler has Java native methods that call
> into hsdis and call back up to Java to perform the disassembly.  I
> also updated the disassembly printing code to more closely match the
> JVM though we still don't print out a lot things like oops and relocs
> in the SA.
> I deleted all the old disassembler logic since it's incompatible with
> the new disassembly interface.  I also blew away the moribund dbx
> based SA interface and few other dead files.  In the end I deleted
> around 22000 lines of source.
> Tested by dumping full assembly from core files.

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