Request for reviews (S): 6880053 backport to HS16

Vladimir Kozlov Vladimir.Kozlov at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 17 18:51:06 PDT 2009

This is backport of the fix in HS17.

Fixed 6880053: assert(alloc_obj->as_CheckCastPP()->type() != TypeInstPtr::NOTNULL)

Nightly testing found a case when the type
of the cloned object is TypeInstPtr::NOTNULL
the same as tyoe of second CheckCastPP node in clone()
intrinsic and arraycopy. It produces incorrect graph.

Removed second CheckCastPP and instead use MembarCPUOrder
to not let reads from the cloned object float above the arraycopy.

Reviewed by:

Fix verified (y/n): y, test

Other testing:

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