Request for reviews (XS): 6879902: CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/cpu/sparc/vm/assembler_sparc.hpp:845

Christian Thalinger Christian.Thalinger at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 22 09:57:09 PDT 2009

Tom Rodriguez wrote:
> I actually told him not to since using arg_slot in i2c adapters seemed  
> dubious to me since it adds in Interpreter::value_offset_in_bytes().   
> I guess since the rest of the i2c code uses it we should use it but  
> I'd like an assert that value_offset_in_bytes() == 0 in arg_slot.  I  
> don't really like that i2c always forces constants into Rdisp instead  
> of using the simm13 variants.  I think all of these should be using  
> RegisterOrConstant and ensure_rs2 to deal with this issue.

Should I roll that into my change?  -- Christian

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