review (XS) for 6921992: failure in verify scheduling after 6792161

Tom Rodriguez Thomas.Rodriguez at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 4 11:15:06 PST 2010

Yes we can live without the fix though I think we need to fix it at some point.  I'm going to push this to hotspot/hotspot first since these changes just were pushed up and I'd prefer the failure not to propagate out further.


On Feb 4, 2010, at 10:48 AM, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:

> Changes look good.
> Tom, was 679216 case rare? Can we live without the fix?
> Thanks,
> Vladimir
> Tom Rodriguez wrote:
>> 6921992: failure in verify scheduling after 6792161
>> Reviewed-by:
>> The fix for 6792161 created problems with the scheduler verification
>> logic so until I find a better for 6792161 I'm backing it out.  This
>> is just an anti-delta for the original fix.
>> src/share/vm/opto/ifg.cpp
>> The previous changeset was

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