for review (M): 6912063: inlining parameters need to be adjusted for some uses of the JVM

Christian Thalinger Christian.Thalinger at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 4 01:46:20 PST 2010

On Sat, 2009-12-19 at 00:46 -0800, John Rose wrote:
> Currently, the inlining heuristics cannot be tuned in product builds.
> This makes it impossible to tune them meaningfully, especially for
> uses of the JVM for languages other than Java, which may have
> radically different call graphs.
> We should move the inlining heuristic flags into product mode (as
> hidden diagnostics, at least).
> Also, call sites which serves a "glue" for JSR 292 should not be
> charged to the inlining depth heuristic.

 489     if (new_depth_adjust != 0 && PrintInlining) {
 490       stringStream nm1; caller_jvms->method()->print_name(&nm1);
 491       stringStream nm2; callee_method->print_name(&nm1);
                                                        ^^^ should be nm2
 492       tty->print_cr("discounting inlining depth from %s to %s", nm1.base(), nm2.base());

Otherwise looks good.

-- Christian

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