Review Request: Zero fix for 32-bit platforms

Gary Benson gbenson at
Mon Jan 18 03:09:29 PST 2010

Hi all,

Recent changes in arguments.cpp mean that
os::allocatable_physical_memory is now always called at VM startup.
On 32-bit platforms this calls os::is_allocatable which was not
implemented in Zero.  This webrev implements this:

The implementation provided is essentially a copy of the one from
os_linux_x86.cpp.  It was contributed by Edward Nevill, an SCA
signatory.  I modified his contribution by replacing the AMD64
conditional with _LP64 to make the code generic.

Note that I added 2009 to the copyright header as well as 2010.
This was intentional: I modified that file several times in 2009,
and forgot to update the copyright each time :/

There is no bug filed for this issue yet.



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