Request for reviews (M): 6614597: Performance variability in jvm2008 xml.validation

Vladimir Kozlov Vladimir.Kozlov at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 21 21:16:03 PST 2010

Thank you, John

The original code for Reason_bimorphic was suggested by Tom.
And I did not pay much attention to the piggy-backing comment.
I thought it means that we allow 4 (PerBytecodeTrapLimit) trap hits
before recompilation as we do for class_check traps.

On 1/21/10 7:54 PM, John Rose wrote:
> It looks as if you could adjust reason_recorded_per_bytecode_if_any to
> treat Reason_bimorphic as piggy-backing on class_check, just as
> div0_check is on null_check.
> Did you consider this, but it didn't cause the right state changes? It

It is good idea. No, I did not consider it before.
I will look how it works. There are other places where
reason_recorded_per_bytecode_if_any() is used and I want to be sure
it will not cause problems.


> looks like it would work, and would let you avoid this new code:
> 1381 if (reason == Reason_bimorphic) {
> 1382 // This isn't recorded per bci because of MDO limitations
> 1383 // but lets piggy back the invalidation on the
> 1384 // Reason_class_check count.
> 1385 uint prior_trap_count = trap_mdo->trap_count(Reason_bimorphic);
> 1386 if (prior_trap_count >= (uint)PerBytecodeTrapLimit) {
> 1387 make_not_entrant = true;
> 1388 }
> -- John

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