Request for reviews (M): 6930772: JSR 292 needs to support SPARC C1

Christian Thalinger Christian.Thalinger at Sun.COM
Tue May 4 07:20:23 PDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-05-04 at 12:21 +0200, Christian Thalinger wrote:
> Ohh, it also happens with a debug build when using -Xbatch.  It seems
> the compiler was too slow to finish the compile.  And it also fails with
> C2 using -Xbatch.  So this is a more basic bug.

I think I got it:

diff -r 2ffde6cfe049 src/cpu/sparc/vm/methodHandles_sparc.cpp
--- a/src/cpu/sparc/vm/methodHandles_sparc.cpp
+++ b/src/cpu/sparc/vm/methodHandles_sparc.cpp
@@ -369,8 +369,6 @@ void MethodHandles::generate_method_hand
       // registers, as required type in O3, failing object (or NULL)
       // in O2, failing bytecode type in O1.
-      __ mov(O5_savedSP, SP);  // Cut the stack back to where the caller started.
       // Push arguments as if coming from the interpreter.
       Register O0_scratch = O0_argslot;
       int stackElementSize = Interpreter::stackElementSize;

I currently don't see why this should be a problem since O5_savedSP
should contain the correct sender SP.

-- Christian

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