help regarding 'thread allocation to cores' - in hotspot jvm

ddmetro puzzlesdj at
Sun Nov 21 06:07:53 PST 2010

Hi All,

I am currently trying to figure out how hotspot jvm allocates thread to
cores. I found code that creates compiler, vm and java threads as pthread
and assigns priorities to them. I tried looking in the the 'os' and 'os_cpu'
folders under 'src' folder of hotspot, however couldn't find anything
related to - allocation of threads to cores.

I expected to find this code in a folder by the name of 'i386' or 'i486'. I
tried looking in the folder 'linux_x86', but couldn't find the required

Question: Can someone direct me to the code (.cpp file) that handles thread
allocation to cores?

Platform: Linux - Ubuntu 10.04

Thanking You,
Dhiraj P.

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