Request for reviews (L): 6986046 C1 ValueStack cleanup

Igor Veresov igor.veresov at
Wed Sep 29 07:56:02 PDT 2010

This fix also didn't make the appropriate changes for the profiling code 
in C1 in a couple of places. Also I had to lower optimization level for 
c1_LinearScan.cpp on SunStudio when compiling for 64bit x86. I've seen 
it before - it seems to end up prematurely calling desctructors (of 
ResourceMark in this case). Anyway, I'll put out the change today that 
has the fixes and gets tiered working again.


On 9/29/10 3:09 AM, Roland Westrelin wrote:
> Hi Christian,
>> I'm not sure what the right fix is. Maybe only pass the type and leave
>> the rest to the default values.
> I think it's the correct fix. Interesting that no other compiler
> complained about it. The create_hi argument in the Instruction
> constructor should be removed as well. It's useless now.
> I'll prepare the change.
> Roland.

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