Request for reviews (L): 7063629: use cbcond in C2 generated code on T4

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Thu Aug 4 18:19:42 PDT 2011

7063629: use cbcond in C2 generated code on T4

The code is finally shaped as I want and it passed CTW, regression, nsk tests on 
T4 and x86.

Added new fused compare and branch instructions into and corresponding 
short versions which use cbcond instruction. Added new flag avoid_back_to_back 
to avoid generation of cbcond back to back.

Split shorten_branches() into 2 methods. First method conservatively estimates 
code size and branches location and does few rounds of branch shortening. It is 
executed before ScheduleAndBundle(). Step 3 is moved to new method 
shorten_branches_final() called after ScheduleAndBundle(). It does final 
paddings, alignment and final branch replacement. Method fill_buffer() does 
verification instead of padding.

Labels are binded now only during code generation in fill_buffer(). As result 
they are not available when forward branches are emitted. To fix that 
MacroAssembler branch instructions are used now in x86 .ad files. I replaced 
unused rtype parameter with maybe_short flag to force using only long branches 
in .ad long branch instructions.

Added check to adlc to verify that short version of a branch instructions has 
the same declaration in .ad file.

Added assert to verify that the size of emitted instruction matches the value 
returned by MachNode::size(). Found that MachBreakpointNode::size() returned 
incorrect value on x64.

Fixed loop alignment for Sparc (min alignment should be instruction size which 
is 4 bytes instead of 1 byte).

The prototype was done by Tom and I took some of his additional fixes. The block 
changes go with some code in output to put opto assembly style block comments in 
the PrintNMethods output. There's also snippet in there that deals with the fact 
kill projections on branches make it appear the kill occurs after the branch 
instead of being part of it.

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