review for 7075623: 6990212 broke raiseException in 64 bit

Tom Rodriguez tom.rodriguez at
Fri Aug 5 13:22:37 PDT 2011
3 lines changed: 0 ins; 0 del; 3 mod; 4699 unchg

7075623: 6990212 broke raiseException in 64 bit

The fix for 6990212 included making the raiseException path do a
normal dispatch instead of always using the compiler entry.  The
assembly for 64 bit had a few issues.  On x86 the saved sp register is
wrong which causes rarg0_code to be killed.  On sparc the code should
be passed as an int instead of a ptr which causes problems because of
endianness.  I also modified the x86 code to do the same.  Tested with
original regression test on sparc/x86 32/64 -Xcomp/-Xmixed.  I also
reran the failing JDK regression tests.

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