Request for reviews (M): 7079329: Adjust allocation prefetching for T4

Paul Hohensee paul.hohensee at
Tue Aug 16 06:11:38 PDT 2011

Also, is there a way to avoid using #ifdef SPARC in 
Maybe add a predicate to vm_version that says whether or not to play the 
reserve game.


On 8/16/11 9:01 AM, Paul Hohensee wrote:
> You're changing the meaning of an existing flag, 
> AllocatePrefetchLines, to
> apply only to arrays, right?
> If so, I'd add another flag for arrays, maybe call it 
> AllocateArrayPrefetchLines,
> and change the code so AllocatePrefetchLines becomes an optional 
> parameter.
> E.g., default it to -1 in globals.hpp, and if it's specified on the 
> command line,
> set both AllocateArrayPrefetchLines and AllocateInstPrefetchLines to the
> command line value.  That would retain backward compatibility: I remember
> seeing AllocatePrefetchLines used in a few jbb submissions.
> Also, I'd rename AllocateInstPrefetchLines to 
> AllocateInstancePrefetchLines.  'Inst"
> is a bit confusing to me and perhaps to others: the first thing I 
> think of is 'instruction'.
> Paul
> On 8/15/11 9:12 PM, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
>> 7079329: Adjust allocation prefetching for T4
>> L2 cache line size is 32 bytes on T4 instead of 64 bytes on T series 
>> before. As result BIS instruction prefetches only 32 bytes. Jbb2005 
>> runs show that prefetching 64 bytes is still better on T4 so 2 BIS 
>> instructions should be issued.
>> BIS can't be use for general prefetching since it may fault. New 
>> PrefetchAllocation node was added for allocation prefetching.
>> Changed prefetchAlloc_bis parameter from memory to regP.
>> Use AllocatePrefetchInstr on Sparc to allow specify what instruction 
>> to use for allocation prefetching (0: prefetch write, 1: BIS).
>> Added new instructions on Sparc cacheLineAdrX to reduce number of 
>> instructions generated for finding next cache line address.
>> Added new flag AllocateInstPrefetchLines to specify number of lines 
>> to prefetch for instance allocation.
>> L1_data_cache_line_size() renamed to prefetch_data_size().

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