review for 7051798: SA-JDI: NPE in Frame.addressOfStackSlot(

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Wed Aug 31 17:09:29 PDT 2011

I think it looks good.


Tom Rodriguez wrote:
> 1346 lines changed: 585 ins; 637 del; 124 mod; 26143 unchg
> 7051798: SA-JDI: NPE in Frame.addressOfStackSlot(
> Reviewed-by:
> The SA was never updated to handle ricochet frames so stack walking
> was broken when they were encountered.  The X86 stack walking code
> hadn't been updated in a while so I sync'ed it the current version of
> frame_x86.cpp and eliminated the AMD64 variants of many of these
> classes since they should be exactly that same.  All SA related
> exceptions in the mlvm test have been fixed.  I had to convert the
> PcDesc flags into masks since the SA can't deal with bitfields.
> Because of some JDI features being used by the test I had to fix other
> unreported SAJDI issues when asking for locals for optimized and
> native frames.  I also hit an unreported assertion failure in C1 with
> large frames.
> Tested with failing mlvm sajdi tests from report plus the regular
> tmtools and sajdi test to stress the stack walking.

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