Request for reviews (M): 7013538: Java memory leak with escape analysis

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Fri Feb 4 11:38:02 PST 2011

Fixed 7013538: Java memory leak with escape analysis

First, it is not leak. I instrumented VM around method
compilation call to see if there are allocations which
are not freed. There are none. I used mechanism similar
to NoHandleMark to catch direct calls to os::malloc()
(NoMallocMark). I found only one case (see below) but it
frees memory almost immediately. The rest (major part) of
allocations happened on thread Resource area and Compile
arena which return used Chunks to ChunkPool after each
compilation. But ChunkPool could become very large with EA.
It is cleaned each 5 sec by VM task but there could be
situations when 2 compilers threads request a lot of
memory during 5 sec period causing out of memory problems.

So the problem is compilation with EA consumes C heap a lot
more than without it. Collected allocation statistics during
one hour of the test run (dacapo is running eclipse several
times) shows that used C Heap size with EA is around 500Mb
when without EA it is only 150Mb (not all of it is used,
it could be fragmented because of the problem 2 below).
Also numbers of calls to os::malloc rises from 2.5 millions
to 10.5 M.

The main cause of native memory consumption is allocation
of GrowableArray and VectorSet in next very hot EA method:

void ConnectionGraph::PointsTo(VectorSet &ptset, Node * n) {
   VectorSet visited(Thread::current()->resource_area());
   GrowableArray<uint>  worklist;

And the cause of a lot calls to os::malloc() is VectorSetI
iterator which is used only by EA but it is used a lot,
it could also cause C heap fragmentation:

SetI_ *VectorSet::iterate(uint &elem) const
   VSetI_ *foo = (new(ResourceObj::C_HEAP) VSetI_(this));
   elem = foo->next();
   return foo;

The first problem is fixed by reusing structures in PointsTo().
I also added Reset() method to VectorSet to zero data array
instead of freeing it.

The second problem is fixed by adding new simple VectorSetI
iterator (old iterator is renamed to VectorSetIter) which
is not based on SetI and doesn't need VSetI_.

I also fixed compile time statistics for EA since it is now
part of Optimizer.

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