Request for reviews (M): 7059034: Use movxtod/movdtox on T4

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Wed Jul 6 16:04:42 PDT 2011

Fixed 7059034: Use movxtod/movdtox on T4

Currently VM uses stack to move data between general and float registers on 
Sparc. Use new VIS3 mov instructions on T4 for such moves.

I removed R_F30,R_F31 from dflt_low_reg since they used as temps (see line 412).
Also fixed float<->integer conversion instructions since they used incorrect 
Width for float register encoding. For example, encoding failed for next instr 
ftoi(FloatRegisterImpl::D,F4,F1) and fitof(FloatRegisterImpl::D,F1,F8).

Tested with CTW, nsk.
I attached microbenchmark test to the bug report.

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