review for 7045514: SPARC assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames

Tom Rodriguez tom.rodriguez at
Wed Jun 1 14:38:41 PDT 2011
2389 lines changed: 1833 ins; 363 del; 193 mod; 46455 unchg

7045514: SPARC assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames

This is the complete support for Ricochet frames on sparc.  Christian
did all the work and testing and I just did some final testing and bug

A potential issue with checkcasts reusing locals in
methodHandleWalk.cpp was fixed.  Comments weren't being transferred
onto the MethodHandlesAdapterBlob.  A derived oop issue was found
where an assert was complaining that an offset was too large but
there's no real restriction on the offset of derived oops so I
disabled the assert.  ResourceMarks were added in verification logic.
A verify_vmargslot call was verifying against the wrong signature
resulting in occasional incorrect exceptions.  I updated the
MacroAssembler::debug assertion messages to include the passed in
message.  Many of blob declarations were moved into shared code so
that we don't have to replicate code.  Some x86 method handles code
was changed to make signatures match.

Currently it passes all the jdk regression tests on sparc but I can't
run any of the others because of version mismatches between the JDK
and the tests.  Earlier versions ran those as well they had
previously.  I also ran the jruby tests and those seemed clean as well.

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