review request (URGENT): 7049122: java/lang/invoke/ with MAX_ARITY=255 in -Xcomp mode overflows code cache

John Rose john.r.rose at
Wed Jun 1 14:46:03 PDT 2011

Summary: reduce the scope of the unit test (mark high water mark of testing with @ignore tags)

Compensate somewhat for missing coverage by enabling ValueConversionsTest, which tests additional varargs array types.

Testing:  jtreg runs the modified tests on x86, with and without -Xcomp -Xbatch, 32 and 64 bit (b145 preview).

This fails on adm64, with about 8000 adapters:
  jtreg -Xcomp -Xbatch -DValueConversionsTest.MAX_ARITY=255 -jdk:$JAVA7X64_BUILD test/sun/invoke/util/

By comparison, this arity limit (which is about 3x the proposed size) succeeds in about 10 seconds:
  jtreg -Xcomp -Xbatch -DValueConversionsTest.MAX_ARITY=150 -jdk:$JAVA7X64_BUILD test/sun/invoke/util/

There is no testing yet on SPARC.

-- John

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