review for 7045514: SPARC assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Wed Jun 1 18:15:23 PDT 2011

Christian is hero to write all this :)

Did you test with -XX:-EnableInvokeDynamic (off)?


Can you do the decrement of slot_num as separate expressions?:

+   intptr_t* loc = &base[slot_num -= 1];

+     loc = &base[slot_num -= type2size[ptype]];

+ // Emit code to verify that RBP is pointing at a valid ricochet frame.
                               ^ no RBP on sparc

RicochetFrame::verify_clean() has commented out code.

Should next code use brx() instruction?:

+   __ ld_ptr(L4_saved_args_base, __ argument_offset(O5_temp), O7_temp);
+   __ cmp(O7_temp, (int32_t) RETURN_VALUE_PLACEHOLDER);
+   __ br(Assembler::equal, false, Assembler::pt, L_ok_4);

In load_conversion_vminfo() could you just use the same assert 
(CONV_VMINFO_SHIFT == 0) as next method and simplify address expression.

MethodHandles::verify_stack_move() has commented code. Should 

Could you move following verification code under first condition?:

+       if (collect_count_constant >= 0) {
+         collect_count = collect_count_constant;
+       } else {
+         __ load_method_handle_vmslots(O1_collect_count, G3_method_handle, 
+         collect_count = O1_collect_count;
+       }
+ #ifdef ASSERT
+       if (VerifyMethodHandles && collect_count_constant >= 0) {
+         BLOCK_COMMENT("verify collect_count_constant {");
+         __ load_method_handle_vmslots(O3_scratch, G3_method_handle, O2_scratch);

The same for dest_slot_constant verification.


Tom Rodriguez wrote:
> 2389 lines changed: 1833 ins; 363 del; 193 mod; 46455 unchg
> 7045514: SPARC assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames
> Reviewed-by:
> This is the complete support for Ricochet frames on sparc.  Christian
> did all the work and testing and I just did some final testing and bug
> fixing.
> A potential issue with checkcasts reusing locals in
> methodHandleWalk.cpp was fixed.  Comments weren't being transferred
> onto the MethodHandlesAdapterBlob.  A derived oop issue was found
> where an assert was complaining that an offset was too large but
> there's no real restriction on the offset of derived oops so I
> disabled the assert.  ResourceMarks were added in verification logic.
> A verify_vmargslot call was verifying against the wrong signature
> resulting in occasional incorrect exceptions.  I updated the
> MacroAssembler::debug assertion messages to include the passed in
> message.  Many of blob declarations were moved into shared code so
> that we don't have to replicate code.  Some x86 method handles code
> was changed to make signatures match.
> Currently it passes all the jdk regression tests on sparc but I can't
> run any of the others because of version mismatches between the JDK
> and the tests.  Earlier versions ran those as well they had
> previously.  I also ran the jruby tests and those seemed clean as well.

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