review request (M): 7056328: JSR 292 invocation sometimes fails in adapters for types not on boot class path

John Rose john.r.rose at
Wed Jun 22 17:37:36 PDT 2011

This is a possible fix for a JSR 292 bug in JDK 7.

Bytecodes produced by MethodHandleWalk will incorrectly scope names off the boot class path.  The fix is to specially process the constant pool of such bytecodes, by "pre-resolving" the affected entries.

The fix includes new stress test logic (debug build only) for running every method handle created through MHW and the JIT.

Testing so far:
 - JDK regression tests with and without the new stress modes
 - Tom's local tests (on previous version)
 - fixes customer problem (Ola Bini's NoClassDefFound error)

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