review for 7043461: VM crashes in void LinkResolver::runtime_resolve_virtual_method

Tom Rodriguez tom.rodriguez at
Wed May 11 14:04:11 PDT 2011

If you want to see these changes against the changeset prior to the original fix look at  You'll see some minor differences for intervening changesets but it makes the deoptimization.cpp and templateInterpreter_sparc.cpp changes clearer.

7043461: VM crashes in void LinkResolver::runtime_resolve_virtual_method

The original fix for 7009361, JSR 292 Invalid value on stack on
solaris-sparc with -Xcomp, has had a bunch of fallout with several
follow on fixes.  I'm abandoning the original fix as there are issues
with how popframe works that I can't easily resolve.  I had originally
considered a fix that passed the callers notion of the number of
parameters down the call chain down to layout activation so the
correct top of stack could be computed but the other fix seemed more
straightforward and appeared to work ok initially.  I've now gone back
to that fix.  So I anti-delta'ed the original fix in
templateInterpreter_sparc.cpp and passed the callers parameters count
around to all the places it's needed.  This required touching a lot of
shared code to pass it through.  Each platform had it's own copy of
the size_activation wrapper and moved that into shared code.  x86
doesn't have to fix use the new value since they don't attempt to
place the locals next to the caller stack.  The fix now has no effect
on how deopt works except in the case where an invokedynamic is on the
stack.  Tested with all failing test cases from 7009361, 7043461,
7042052, and 7043473.  I'm currently running the larger suites that
those failing tests were part of to ensure there aren't other issues.

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