Review Request: UseNUMAInterleaving

Igor Veresov igor.veresov at
Tue May 17 10:35:12 PDT 2011

Yes, I think doing a broad performance analysis would be very useful.


On 5/17/11 10:16 AM, Paul Hohensee wrote:
> Do we have a list of such applications? If not, we could add an analysis
> to the performance
> team's roadmap.
> Paul
> On 5/17/11 12:58 PM, Igor Veresov wrote:
>> UseNUMA already has this mechanism. If you turn it on it will
>> deactivate itself if the machine is not NUMA. The problem with turning
>> it on by default is that it can be not necessarily beneficial for all
>> applications (however for most of them it is).
>> igor
>> On 5/17/11 5:04 AM, Paul Hohensee wrote:
>>> I believe you can get memory geometry info from Solaris on both sparc or
>>> intel.
>>> Don't know about Windows or Linux. Anyone??
>>> Paul
>>> On 5/17/11 5:12 AM, Andrew Haley wrote:
>>>> On 17/05/11 00:18, Paul Hohensee wrote:
>>>>> I suggest you just use -XX:+UseNUMA rather than adding a new
>>>>> flag. UseNUMA seems generic enough to cover whatever implementation
>>>>> is best on a particular platform.
>>>> Indeed. I am worried by the proliferation of command-line
>>>> optimization flags that have obscure meanings that are difficult to
>>>> understand by anyone unfamiliar with a particular computer
>>>> architecture. This sort of tweakage might be mostly used by people
>>>> doing benchmarking.
>>>> When should this flag *not* be used? To make it more useful, is it
>>>> possible to make any of this the default? Can a system where it is
>>>> advantageous be autodetected?
>>>> Andrew.

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