c1_LIRAssembler_x86 bug in 64-bit Windows code

Salter, Thomas A Thomas.Salter at unisys.com
Fri May 20 10:49:52 PDT 2011

When running a 64-bit JVM on Windows 7, the JVM.dll failed to load due to an exception in the following code.   Since long is a 32-bit integer, the casts in the operand calculation have the effect of truncating a 64-bit address to 32 bits and then sign-extending it.  The casts should be to intptr_t, not long.

I encountered this in JDK 7 build 130, but the source code is the same in build 142

In hotspot\src\cpu\x86\vm\c1_LIRAssembler_x86.cpp:

// Note: 'double' and 'long long' have 32-bits alignment on x86.
static jlong* double_quadword(jlong *adr, jlong lo, jlong hi) {
  // Use the expression (adr)&(~0xF) to provide 128-bits aligned address
  // of 128-bits operands for SSE instructions.
  jlong *operand = (jlong*)(((long)adr)&((long)(~0xF)));
  // Store the value to a 128-bits operand.
  operand[0] = lo;
  operand[1] = hi;
  return operand;

The corrected statement would be:
  jlong *operand = (jlong*)(((intptr_t)adr)&((intptr_t)(~0xF)));

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