review for 7090654: nightly failures after 7086585

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Wed Sep 14 13:31:36 PDT 2011

Looks good.

We should also fix error message to print actual index and class name:

fatal error: Invalid constant pool index %u for field name in class file %s

But it could wait.


Tom Rodriguez wrote:
> 21 lines changed: 0 ins; 6 del; 15 mod; 2496 unchg
> 7090654: nightly failures after 7086585
> Reviewed-by:
> I had made late changes to accessing of fields in InstanceKlass and
> didn't rerun my tests so I create a mismatch between the indexing.
> Some code was using i * 7 and others was using i.  I've corrected it
> so it's using i consistently everything.  Tested with sajdi.
> I screwed up the new of fields when we recreate a .class file from our
> internal representation.  It should be unscaled.  Tested with
> java/lang/instrument regression tests.  I had thought the tests I
> originally ran exercised this path but I was wrong.

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