review request (M): 7090968 Allow adlc register class to depend on runtime conditions

Roland Westrelin roland.westrelin at
Thu Sep 15 07:21:26 PDT 2011

This adds the ability to define reg_class'es in the ad file that, rather than being static, depend on runtime conditions. For the current XXX reg_class, the generated XXX_mask const RegMask declarations are renamed _XXX_mask. XXX_mask inline function definitions are introduced that return _XXX_mask. A new form of reg_class definitions such as:

reg_class some_reg_class %{
	// some C code

is introduced. In this case, the body of the generated inline SOME_REG_CLASS_mask function is defined with the C code present between %{ and %} above.

Tom suggested I used this opportunity to get rid of inline_cache_reg_mask(), interpreter_method_oop_reg_mask(), interpreter_frame_pointer_reg_mask() that are unused. 


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