RFR (L) : 8014013 : CallInfo structure no longer accurately reports the result of a LinkResolver operation

David Chase david.r.chase at oracle.com
Fri Aug 16 13:05:02 PDT 2013

How does this look?

void fieldDescriptor::reinitialize(InstanceKlass* ik, int index) {
  if (_cp.is_null() || field_holder() != ik) {
    _cp = constantPoolHandle(Thread::current(), ik->constants());
    // _cp should now reference ik's constant pool; i.e., ik is now field_holder.
    assert(field_holder() == ik, "must be already initialized to this class");

> The fd::initialize call resets a fd previously pointing at a different field to a new field.
> This requires a shift in the field_holder.
> The call to initialize is fieldStreams.hpp, where a fd embedded in the stream object gets reused for successive fields.
> So I think this assert measures something meaningful.
> Perhaps the method should be named "reinitialize" or "reset" to emphasize the multiple use.
> — John

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