RFR(S): 8008242: VerifyOops fails on SPARC

Roland Westrelin roland.westrelin at oracle.com
Tue Oct 8 10:45:57 PDT 2013

>> The x86 version of LIR_Assembler::type_profile_helper() does not have a verify_oop() and I removed the SPARC version accordingly.
> Well, the reason that x86 doesn't have that check is because on x86 we can do a memory compare:
>    __ cmpptr(recv, Address(mdo, md->byte_offset_of_slot(data, ReceiverTypeData::receiver_offset(i))));
> So we don't have the value in a register to do the check.  Please but the verify_klass_ptr check back.

I think you need to put the one in LIR_Assembler::mem2reg() back as well. If we need to remove it for some test to pass then it means there's another bug somewhere and we shouldn't hide it.


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