[9] RFR(M): 8054292 : code comments leak in fastdebug builds

David Chase david.r.chase at oracle.com
Thu Aug 28 18:46:19 UTC 2014

On 2014-08-28, at 1:51 PM, Vladimir Kozlov <vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com> wrote:
>> Sanity check: is “optimized build” the default if I just run configure?
> No, the default is 'product' Hotspot build. I would suggest to build 'optimized' VM separately (it looks like 'optimized' target for whole forest does not work) and test it for leaks.

What’s the incantation for optimized build that is not whole-forest?  I’ve been doing new-build so long I’ve forgotten the incantations for hotspot-only.  Or is this in the Wiki?  (I’m WFH today, the better to torture my children.)


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