Concern about JDK-8051955

Sandro Sansone sandro.sansone at
Tue Aug 5 22:23:46 UTC 2014

Hi guys,

I need 1 minute of yours. I am concerned about the management of this issue and I would like to give you my point of view on this.

Few days back I have opened the following bug on jre7:

Now I can see it will be resolved in jre8.

My question is: why?
This serious bug was introduced in jre7, while in jre6 was working fine and it is an issue that potentially can come out to anybody else who migrate to jre7.
Why you don't want to fix it in jre7?

One additional note: in the real world, in production, at least finance field, people are now migrating to java 7 considering it the stable and mature version, while java 8 is still quite far. Their requirement is performance, while this issue causes degradation of performances.
Doing so you are potentially affecting thousand of people migrating to java7 (the luck is that they will probably never discover it is a java issue thinking it was due to their application bug).

I hope you understand my point, which purpose is the best for the java community ;)

Thanks in advance
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