Strange branching performance

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Mon Feb 10 22:02:06 PST 2014

Hi Martin,

What JDK version you are using? I see in generated code the increment instruction is moved out of the loop.
Also can you try flag -XX:-BlockLayoutByFrequency? Use it with your original test from SO not your latest jmh test you 
sent me. I noticed that commandline flags are not passed into forked process in your jmh test.


On 2/8/14 1:11 PM, Martin Grajcar wrote:
> Hi Vladimir!
> On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 4:36 AM, Vladimir Kozlov <vladimir.kozlov at <mailto:vladimir.kozlov at>> wrote:
>     Hi Martin,
>     Your observation is correct. The corresponding code is next:
>        float infrequent_prob = PROB_UNLIKELY_MAG(3); // 0.001
>        // BlockLayoutByFrequency optimization moves infrequent branch
>        // from hot path. No point in CMOV'ing in such case (110 is used
>        // instead of 100 to take into account not exactness of float value).
>        if (BlockLayoutByFrequency) {
>          infrequent_prob = MAX2(infrequent_prob, (float)__BlockLayoutMinDiamondPercentag__e/110.0f);
>        }
>        // Check for highly predictable branch.  No point in CMOV'ing if
>        // we are going to predict accurately all the time.
>        if (iff->_prob < infrequent_prob ||
>            iff->_prob > (1.0f - infrequent_prob))
>          return NULL;
>     Note, BlockLayoutMinDiamondPercentag__e is default 20 so infrequent_prob become 0.2 as you observed.
> Yes, there's a sharp edge somewhere below 0.2.
>     C2 moves infrequent code outside the loop (with branches out and back) to keep only hot code inside.
> To me it looks like there's nothing to be moved outside of the loop. Mainly because you'd hardy save anything as you'd
> replace the two instructions
> LEA (%result_reg, 1), %tmp_reg
> CMOVEQ %tmp_reg, %result_reg
> by a conditional jump. Saving a single instruction on the hot path and risking a branch misprediction penalty might make
> sense for very low probabilities like PROB_UNLIKELY_MAG(3), not 20%.
>     It looks like it does not happen in your case and I need to look why. There are several conditions besides
>     BlockLayoutByFrequency and the above code could be incorrect and needs to be fixed (or removed).
> Nice that you can look into it. There are a lot of attempts to eliminate branching manually like in
> but this is nearly always less efficient than using CMOVcc.
> Regards,
> Martin.

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