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Thanks for your reviews Vladimir and Christian! 

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Xcomp It honors the CompileCommand in not compiling any other methods, but the methods matching compileonly is compiled directly. 

Reading the bug’s comments I think I get it: 

" The test uses reflection to get the method being tested. -Xcomp makes the reflecting method inline the test method. That method is never invalidated. The test method never gets any invocations and never ends up as a c2.compile. ” 

I did some additional expermiments and tried adding the dontinline command but it didn't help. Xcomp changes the behavior of the thresholdpolicy. After the invalidation after the first iteration - the methods get compiled at level 3 but then reverted to level 1 instead of promoted to 4. Anyway - the there is no good reason for running this test with Xcomp. The suggested change makes the test work as intended. 


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Please review this patch for bug 8040244. 

Summary: The test uses CompileCommand compileonly and breaks when forced to run with Xcomp. Add -Xmixed to prevent -Xcomp from being used. 



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