8035968: Add C2 SHA intrinsics for SPARC cpus which have sha instructions.

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Wed Jun 11 04:29:58 UTC 2014


Contributed by James Cheng.

Add C2 SHA (secure hashing) intrinsics for SPARC cpus which have sha instructions. It is used only when an application 
is configured to use the SUN provider (the same as for crypto AES intrinsics).

SHA intrinsics are added for methods sun.security.provider.SHA.implCompress(), SHA2.implCompress(), SHA5.implCompress() 
and sun.security.provider.DigestBase.implCompressMultiBlock().
In the last case the intrinsic code calls the corresponding assembler stub routines based on the final klass of 
DigestBase object using intrinsics predicates.

Tested with hotspot and jdk regression tests, CTW, NSK, JPRT control build with testset pit which includes jdk 
regression tests.

New regression test is added.


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