RFR(S): 8046542: [I.finalize() calls from methods compiled by C1 do not cause IllegalAccessError on Sparc

Roland Westrelin roland.westrelin at oracle.com
Wed Jun 18 13:13:11 UTC 2014

The bug occurs with UseInlineCaches off (default on ultra sparc T machines). The calls are then compiled to vtable calls rather than ic calls. The logic that does the call resolution in c1 allows the call to finalize() with a receiver of type array in vtable calls. It shouldn’t. In the current code, the vtable index lookup is done on the Object type obtained from the array type by a call to ciEnv::get_instance_klass_for_declared_method_holder() which is why the finalize() call is allowed to proceed. The fix I propose uses the initial type for the vtable index lookup. As a consequence a small subset of methods (at least Object.clone()) called on arrays won’t be compiled as vtable calls but as ic calls which I think is a minor issue.

A similar problem exists with c2: it allows inlining of the finalize() call on an array. I changed Compile::optimize_inlining() so that the finalize method is filtered out. With this bug fix, the same problem with vtable calls to finalize() exist so I applied the fix I used for c1 to c2.



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