RFR(S): 8069125: compiler/codecache/stress tests timeout in nightlies

Pavel Chistyakov pavel.chistyakov at oracle.com
Tue Jan 20 17:37:05 UTC 2015

Hi all,

please review fix for JDK-8069125 

webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~pchistyakov/8069125/webrev.00/

Problem: new stress tests for code cache sometimes fails due to timeout. 
There are two potential problems:

  * OverloadCompileQueueTest failed in nightlies in Xcomp mode. This
    behavior forced by lock-unlocker thread that is used to lock
    compilation and create a pause during which we can fill compilation
    queue. This thread starts at test beginning and works infinitely as
    daemon. For now compilation locking implemented using
    MonitorLockerEx object and wait on it. To prevent spurious wake up
    wait function is called inside while loop checking
    Whitebox::compilation_locked volatile boolean flag. W/o any timeout
    between lock-unlocker thread iterations we get a situation when
    compiler thread can not exit the loop because while notify_all
    signals lock to exit wait and continue execution
    Whitebox::compilation_locked flag become true again. (see
    compileBroker.cpp:1967-1971 and whitebox.cpp:802-810 for details of
    compilation locking process)
  * we got one RandomAllocationTest failure caused by timeout. But it
    happened on slow system and there jtreg didn't have enough time to
    do its postprocess work after test execution. This can be solved by
    decreasing test execution time (for now test gets 90% of overall
    jtreg timeout that is set up on test initialization) to 80%.


  * add timeout in iterations for lock-unlocker thread in
    OverloadCompileQueueTest to give a chance for compiler to work (very
    critical in Xcomp mode)
  * decrease test execution time to 80% that will give more time for
    jtreg and vm init and exit process to prevent timeout of other
    stress tests if any

Testing: manual locally, JPRT

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