profiling of branches - odd code generation?

Vitaly Davidovich vitalyd at
Thu Jun 4 23:20:47 UTC 2015


Suppose you have a method like this:

private static int f(final int x) {
        if (x == 0)
            return 1;
        else if (x == 1)
            return 2;
        else if (x == 2)
            return 3;
        return 4;


If I then call it with x=2 always, the generated asm is not what I expect
(8u40 with C2 compiler)

  # parm0:    rsi       = int
  #           [sp+0x30]  (sp of caller)
  0x00007fcc5970c520: mov    %eax,-0x14000(%rsp)
  0x00007fcc5970c527: push   %rbp
  0x00007fcc5970c528: sub    $0x20,%rsp         ;*synchronization entry

  0x00007fcc5970c52c: test   %esi,%esi
  0x00007fcc5970c52e: je     0x00007fcc5970c55d  ;*ifne

  0x00007fcc5970c530: cmp    $0x1,%esi
  0x00007fcc5970c533: je     0x00007fcc5970c571  ;*if_icmpne

  0x00007fcc5970c535: cmp    $0x2,%esi
  0x00007fcc5970c538: jne    0x00007fcc5970c54b  ;*if_icmpne

  0x00007fcc5970c53a: mov    $0x3,%eax
  0x00007fcc5970c53f: add    $0x20,%rsp
  0x00007fcc5970c543: pop    %rbp
  0x00007fcc5970c544: test   %eax,0x5e0dab6(%rip)300000        #
                                                ;   {poll_return}
  0x00007fcc5970c54a: retq

It's checking the if conditions in order, and then jumps to some runtime
calls (I'm assuming that's for deopt to restore pruned branches? Cause I
don't see anything that returns 1 or 2 otherwise).  Why is this code not
favoring x=2? I'd have thought this code would be something like (after

cmp $0x2, %esi
jne <deopt_or_other_cases>
mov $0x3, %eax

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