FP Registers in SPARC Intrinsic

Ahmed Khawaja ahmed.khawaja at oracle.com
Wed Jun 17 20:30:43 UTC 2015

I am working on adding some intrinsics that mostly benefit from the lack 
of a JNI call. One strategy I am using is to free up some registers by 
moving them into FP registers and restoring them later. One issue I am 
running into is I believe if the thread gets unscheduled, the FP 
registers are being trashed and then upon resume my code tries to reload 
the integer registers with the now garbage FP registers. When invoking 
the intrinsic, I removed RC_NO_FP, but this does not seem to indict to 
the JVM that the FP registers need to be saved on a context switch. Has 
anyone run into something similar?

Thank you,
    Ahmed Khawaja

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