[9] RFR(S) 8080157: assert(allocates2(pc)) failed: not in CodeBuffer memory

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Fri Jun 19 22:55:05 UTC 2015


When stubs are generated their code is put into one CodeBuffer (in 
CodeCache). More stubs we have the bigger that buffer should be.
Its size is determined by code_size2 (and code_size1 for an other set of 
stubs). The latest GHASH intrinsic added code which does not fit into 
previous size any more so we need to increase it.

It failed only on windows because on win64 we have to save some used XMM 
registers (save-on-entry) so the code is bigger than on other x86 systems.

I also added new asserts to have a meaningful message when there are no 
space left in this code buffer.

Tested in JPRT with new asserts before and after size change.


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