perspectives on streams performance

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Fri Mar 6 23:18:44 UTC 2015

On Mar 6, 2015, at 1:16 AM, Kirk Pepperdine <kirk at> wrote:
> I caution that these are very preliminary results as I’ve only had an hour with the bench. I’m planning on spending more time sorting out what going on with it next week. It’s (unfortunately) not running in JMH yet. I’m also not in a position to share the code though if this use case is of interest I’ll take the steps to see if I can get it to you. I suspect that it will be representative of a fairly common use case in certain industries.

Thanks!  This is exactly the sort of "lore" we need to develop over time.

I think the adventure starts with even simpler loops, which we will want to clean up before we "graduate" to real-world loops.

— John
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