RFR(XS): 8075921: assert assert(allocx == alloc) fails in library_call.cpp

Roland Westrelin roland.westrelin at oracle.com
Fri Mar 27 13:11:42 UTC 2015

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for looking at this.

> Null checks can also make stop fast path in inline_arraycopy(). I think you should add some stopped() checks there too if needed.

All guards can stop the fast path, not only the null checks. What about this:


Some code that generates guards already check for stopped(). I’ve added new checks only where they were missing.


> Thanks,
> Vladimir
> On 3/26/15 6:10 AM, Roland Westrelin wrote:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~roland/8075921/webrev.00/
>> During arraycopy intrinsic construction, control becomes top after arraycopy guards are added and that confuses the logic that moves the tightly coupled allocation.
>> Roland.

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