[9] RFR(S): 8139377: JVM can't be started w/ -XX:+EnableJVMCI -XX:+UseJVMCICompiler and default TypeProfileWidth

Zoltán Majó zoltan.majo at oracle.com
Mon Oct 12 16:16:31 UTC 2015


please review the following patch for JDK-8139377.

Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8139377

Problem: JDK-8078554 defined a valid range for compiler-related 
command-line flags. The JVM checks at runtime if the value of each flag 
is within the range defined for the flag. JEP 243 (Java-Level JVM 
Compiler Interface) increased the value of TypeProfileWidth to 8 that is 
outside of the currently defined range for that flag.

Solution: Increase the upper bound of TypeProfileWidth to 8. I also 
tried to increase the value to 16 but that value triggers an assert on 
one of our supported platforms.


- all tests in hotspot/test/runtime/CommandLine on all supported 
platforms, all tests pass;
- JPRT (testset hotspot), all tests pass.

Thank you and best regards,


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