Help integrating intrinsics with Interp/C1 on SPARC

Ahmed Khawaja ahmed.khawaja at
Mon Oct 19 15:25:54 UTC 2015


         I am in the process of adding C2 intrinsics for CRC32 on SPARC 
and noticed that the x86 intrinsics have hooks for being called directly 
from the interp/C1 and not only C2. I am working on enabling this for 
SPARC as well, but one issue I am having is there documentation seems to 
be somewhat lacking for the calling conventions from the interp/C1 into 
an intrinsic method. For example, the intrinsics on SPARC have 
everything passed in the O registers and return in O0. For the interp/C1 
I am having some trouble figuring out exactly how arguments are passed 
in and where the result is expected. If anyone has any pointers on this 
or further sources of documentation, please let me know.

Thank you,
    Ahmed Khawaja

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