Performance issue with Nashorn and C2's global code motion

Doerr, Martin martin.doerr at
Thu Sep 10 12:17:14 UTC 2015


we were running Octane benchmark and noticed a very significant performance drop with JVMTI.
VTune measurement showed that the JVM has spent the majority of the whole CPU time in Node_Backward_Iterator::next during PhaseCFG::schedule_late when JvmtiExport::_can_access_local_variables is on

We were using openjdk 8 with/without the following option:

This option activates the JVMTI capability can_access_local_variables which prevents C2 from killing dead locals leading to a higher number of edges in the graph.
If we don't use this option PhaseCFG::schedule_late does no longer play a significant role regarding the CPU time.

Have you noticed this before? Is this of interest to you?
For us, this is a significant issue, as we have can_access_local_variables on by default.
As a solution we could think of limiting the node iterations in schedule_late and generating a quicker and less optimized schedule in extreme cases.

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