Use of cryptographic functions from OpenSSL's libcrypto

Anthony Scarpino anthony.scarpino at
Mon Dec 5 23:40:01 UTC 2016

On 12/02/2016 12:09 PM, Gustavo Serra Scalet wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder why OpenJDK doesn't use OpenSSL for implementing the
> cryptographic functions. On OpenSSL the algorithms are HW accelerated
> on several platforms.
> Is it due to licensing issues? I ask because I intend on implementing
> SHA for PPC64 but then I considered having this integration, if
> possible.
> Thanks in advance

In many cases it is much faster it implement the crypto instructions in 
hotspot than to call an external library.  The JCE provider, SunPKCS11, 
is an example of calling an external library.  It requires JNI calls to 
the specification's public API that can result in complicated code and 
hinder performance.  You can see JEPs 164 and 264 as a starting point 
for info.


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