RFR(S): 8147844: new method j.l.Runtime.onSpinWait() and the corresponding x86 hotspot instrinsic

Igor Veresov igor.veresov at oracle.com
Thu Feb 11 06:51:33 UTC 2016

The C2 part looks good to me. Thanks for making the changes.

As for C1… 
1. There is already an HIR node to model intrinsics (“Intrinsic”), so unless there is a compelling reason to introduce a new node type I would just use that. That should get rid of many changes to HIR visitors, etc. Follow the existing examples, look for example at how vmIntrinsics::_fullFence works, your case should be the same.
2. It’d be nice to minimize the platform specific changes. There is Compiler::is_intrinsic_supported() method that determines if something should be intensified. Follow the existing examples and add “static bool supports_spin_wait() { return false; }" to Abstract_VM_Version, overload it to true in the VM_Version for x86, then use it to determine whether to intensify the call. You’ll still need a LIR instruction and the LIR_Assembler::on_spin_wait() method, but you can define it on on x86 only. It’s ok to not define a method if you don’t use it, and you won’t, because the intrinsic will be used only on x86.


> On Feb 10, 2016, at 3:47 PM, Ivan Krylov <ivan at azulsystems.com> wrote:
> I have prepared a new webrev:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ikrylov/8147844.hs.02/
> Hopefully it addresses the comments that were said before.
> Per Vladimir's suggestion I added the c1 intrinsic.
> I could not test non-x86 platforms but hopefully nothing is broken there.
> Thanks,
> Ivan

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