RFR(S): 8087341: C2 doesn't optimize redundant memory operations with G1

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Fri Feb 12 19:44:18 UTC 2016


Can you create new webrev which includes everything (aarch64)?
And I am satisfied with your answers to my objections.


On 2/12/16 4:36 AM, Roland Westrelin wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
>> A patch for the AArch64 C2 volatile/CAS generation code which deals with
>> the effects of your proposed C2 patch is available as a webrev
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~adinn/8087341-aarch64/webrev.00/
> Thanks for putting that together. I didn’t expect that simple change to cause so much trouble.
>> n.b. I have /not/ created a separate issue for the AArch64 part of this
>> fix. I am not sure whether you want to combine it with your patch or
>> push it as a separate stage.
> I can push everything together and list you as a contributor (in the contributed-by field) if that works for you.
> Vladimir, can you take another look at this? Your two objections were:
>> Also we have specialized insert_mem_bar_volatile() if we don't want wide memory affect. Why not use it?
> The membar in the change takes the entire memory state as input but only changes raw memory. I don’t think that can be achieved with insert_mem_bar_volatile(). As explained by Mikael, the membar is here to force ordering between the oop store and the card table load. That’s why I think the membar’s inputs and outputs should be set up that way.
>> And we need to keep precedent edge link to oop store in case EA eliminates related allocation.
> Mikael said it’s not ok to eliminate the memory barrier if we leave the gc barrier.
> Roland.

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