Re: 回复:RFR: 8149733: AArch64: refactorchar_array_equals/byte_array_equals/string_equals

Andrew Haley aph at
Tue Feb 23 16:17:52 UTC 2016

My version is at

The changes I made are:

        I rewrote most of the comments because I couldn't understand
        them.  I intend no criticism, and I understand that English
        isn't the language of your birth.  Please tell me if you can
        understand my comments.

	"generic_array_equals" -> "arrays_equals"
        Reason: it's not generic, it's only bytes and chars.
        Also, this is what x86_64 calls the same routine.

        "ary1" -> "a"
        Reason: "ary" just looks odd.  Also, these are the names in the
	java code.

        "cmp;" -> "eor, bnz"
        Reason: Don't clobber flags for no reason.

        There's no need to check for the same arrays if we're
        comparing strings.

Otherwise, the code is the same.  I haven't much tested this, but it
should give the same performance.  Please test it, and tell me if I've
broken anything.



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